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A serious handbook for locating and communicating with extraterrestrials.

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    Wegner, Willy ed. UFO-sagens extreme aspekter, 3. Travis Walton-sagen. Klarer, Elizabeth: Beyond the light barrier. Crabb, Riley H. View desktop version. Unlike u n d e r the pyramids of Tenochtitlan where the 7 foot tall reptoid type aliens apparently Draconians ate heartily in , they now have cryogenic "deepfreeze" walk-in units utilizing liquid nitrogen to keep the temperature at extreme sub- zero cold levels for their food supply and their synthetic food supply.

    These deep-freeze cryogenic human food-capsules are vented and exhausted in such a way as to let the aliens view the bodies at any time stored along the side of the cavern walls at Level7.

    This does make one wonder about all those people, adults and children who disappear every year, never to be seen again. Gerald was 5 years old "I was in the wild frontier.

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    There were real, live Indians out there. They huddled in the shadow of a foot-diameter silver disc - a "flying saucer" that had crashed into a low hillside on the rim of what locals call the Plains of San Augustin. Anderson, a former police chief at Rockaway Beach and Taney County deputy sheriff who now works as a security officer in Springfield, is adamant about events on that hot midsummer day so long ago.

    I even touched one of the creatures. I put my hand on their ship. And I wasn't alone - my dad, my uncle, my brother and my cousin all saw the same things. And so did a lot of other people. But they aren't talking. Among those listening most intently are some of the foremost researchers into the UFO phenomena.

    Ufo Contact from Planet Ummo: The Mystery of Ummo: 1 (Ufo Factbooks Series)

    These experts say Gerald Anderson appears to be an important link in a frustratingly fragmented chain of evidence concerning the most famous - or infamous - chapter in UFO annals: the so called "Roswell Incident. Then, says Anderson, on his second day in the southwest, he bumped into real, live creatures from a truly alien The Anderson family arrived in Alworld.

    While looking for moss agate dying, one apparently uninjured. There were some remarks like, 'There's a crash up here! Something's crashed up here! There were three creatures, three bodies, lying on the ground underneath this thing in the shade. Two weren't moving, and the third one obviously was having trouble breathing, like when you nave broken ribs.

    There was a fourth one next to it, sitting there on the ground.

    Still Waiting: A List of Predictions from the "UFO Culture"

    There wasn't a thing wrong with it, and it apparently had been giving first aid to the others. They'd been working on an archeological dig around cliff dwellings a few miles away and had decided to hike over after seeing what they thought was a fiery meteor crashing the night before. The professor, a Dr. Buskirk, tried several foreign languages in unsuccessful attempts to coax a verbal response from the creature, Anderson says. It was degrees out there that day.

    But around the craft, when you got close to it, it was cold. When you touched the metal, it felt just like it came out of a freezer.

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    In his child's mind, he had thought the figures looked like dolls. But when he felt the cold skin. A pickup truck arrived on the ridge, and a fellow whom researchers believe was a civil engineer named Barney Barnett joined the curious audience. In , every kid knew what Harry Truman looked like," Anderson says. After a few minutes, Anderson summoned the courage to again creep close to the strange saucer.

    It was then, he says he felt something more chilling then the surface of the craft or the skin of the corpse: The upright creature "turned and looked right at me, and it was like he was inside my head - as if he was doing my thinking, as if his thoughts were in my head.

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    I relived the crash. I know the terror it went through. That one look told me everything that quickly," he says with a snap of his fingers. Other things began happening quickly about this time, Anderson says. A contingent of armed soldiers suddenly appeared. The creature, which had calmed down after its initial fright, "went crazy" at the sight of the soldiers.

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    Thinking back on the He knew it. H e ' d just lived t h r o u g h a nightmare that most of us wouldn't be able to psychologically stand. He'd watched two of his crew, his friends or maybe even his family, die. He's watching another one die.